In 2007 Daniele Brescia approaches visual art languages concentrating on photography. His photos are immediately recognized as worthy, so he decides to go on as self-educated. A year later he takes part to the group of photographers “Magma” in Bari.

Lover of nature, he expresses his poetic vision through landscape photography.

In his works he focuses on the relationship between human beings and the places where they live, the way in which humans modifying themselves according to their geographic and climatic position, their historical evolution and memories; as they face natural elements modifying them. At the same time he reflects on the environment with its never ending transformations, on nature that silently regains its spaces, regenerating and adapting itself to the distinctive and morphological elements of a place.

In his projects natural and artificial landscapes are always alternating, along with old and new architectures as the result of the mutual conditioning between natural and human landscapes.

photo by Chiara Cunzolo |